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Sous vide can be found to be one of the most celebrated and prejudiced cooking technique of the century. Sous vide is famous and it got famous after the high-end restaurants started using the technique. There is no high-end restaurant in the world who doesn’t use this technique. But due to the beginnings in high-end places, it is also a lot prejudiced. People often believe it is super hard and expensive method. In reality, if you know the process right there is no need for chef-like skills to cook sous vide. Also, the prices of sous vide equipment have been going down for some time now.

Sous vide cooking for cafes weren’t even to be heard until the prices of equipment came down. Today it is also a reality. There are a lot of cafes which serve sous vide cooked food. The low prices of equipment have changed a lot of thing for sous vide cooking. Also, the perception that the method is too hard to do at home is also going away. More people know and try sous vide at home. This is one of the best times to start sous vide, even sous vide cooking for cafes are common.

When people start with sous vide they want everything to be done the same way. When someone buys an equipment they most probably want to try it out on everything. Even though this instinct is natural trying out sous vide on everything will bring about disastrous results. So we will be talking about food items which are not really compatible with sous vide cooking.

1. Filleted fish

Sead food tastes amazing if sous vide cooked. But that doesn’t mean every seafood item is perfect for sous vide. Filleted fishes make a strong case for what item is wrong for this method. Fishes have delicate meat held on some small bones. But once filleted there is no bone and delicate meat remains.

Fish has chances of going wrong even in the beginning stages of sous vide. Some just break down while trying to vacuum seal since it can’t handle the pressure. So the further steps will only make this further worse. If you still want to try seafood sous vided try something with a hard shell.

2. Dutch sauce

Dutch sauce is one of the mother sauces in French cuisine. Since French cuisine is one of the most important among cuisines, Dutch sauce can be considered as one of the most important sauces. The ingredients and making are simple enough under normal circumstances. Egg yolk, melted butter, water and lemon juice are the basic ingredients of the sauce.

There are a few people who claim the perfect dutch sauce can be made by sous vide cooking. But this is just a hoax. The method for creating a Dutch sauce with sous vide is extremely complex and they often make a mess.

3. Liver

The liver is something you can cook using sous vide but you really should not. Obviously cooking sous vide takes time but the liver doesn’t taste any better. So it is merely a waste of time.