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Cooking is an art and all people who cook are artists. like every other artist, a dish is an expression of the one who made it. Food is necessary, we can’t live without food. But people who have a pretty good living never only eat enough to live. Food makes people happy. And preparation part of cooking is also similarly happy. By creating tasty food, you are creating something beautiful. I don’t think there is a good enough word to explain what you feel when you eat good food. There is also no word to explain what you feel while cooking good food.

Preparing good food is an amazing experience. The cooking experience is more than any other thrill. It is more about the cooking process. The feeling you have while cooking. Your senses are an integral part of this. Seeing, smelling, hearing all of this is part of the experience. A good cook can understand things by seeing and smelling. Extremely good cooks even can work with the sound of cooking. Is n’t that amazing?

Sous vide cooking has been getting a lot of recognition these days. More and more people are learning about the technique each day. More and more restaurants are adopting the technique everyday day. In sous vide you cook items at a constant temperature hot water for a long time in a plastic bag along with stuff that can infuse. The method is really simple enough and the taste is amazing. Sous vide can get you a perfectly cooked item from edge to edge. Not many techniques can achieve this. This may be what made sous vide click.

Sous vide is one of the most sought-after cooking techniques in the world now. Every top restaurant uses it. And most of the top chefs recommend it too. The increase in the reputation of the method has also forced even small cafes to use the method now. Sous vide cooking for cafes is a reality. There is no escape from the fact that it is the most popular cooking method.

There are a lot of people who love sous vide cooking. But there are also a lot of people who hate it. This list consists mostly of cooks. From high-end chefs to home cooks. So what do they don’t like about sous vide cooking? The problem most of these people have with sous vide that it takes sensory experience out of cooking. It is true that you can get perfect results all the time but it also means you have really low control over the cook. Senses mean a lot to people who love cooking. The smell of most thing in the kitchen is enjoyable and also smell can indicate burning. Touch helps too. Cooks often loves to touch whatever they are cooking, to know if the item is ready or not. These parts are important for a lot of people. That is why a lot of people hate sous vide cooking. Sous vide cooking for cafes is seen as a wrongdoing by a lot of people.