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Cafes are coffee shops, most of them primarily serve coffee. And some of them only serve coffee. There have been cafes from the late 16th century. All around the world they were considered as a meeting spot. All around the world cafes has been always a part of history. Cafes were started as places to drink coffee and chat, to everybody’s surprise they remain the same till today. Some places are also called cafes but function like diners. The part cafes played in the world history is undeniable. For example, cafes were banned in Meccah since they were being hosts of political gatherings, this ban lasted for more than 10 years. Sous vide cooking is on completely another side of the road, sous vide cooking for cafes are nearly impossible.

Sous vide is a respected cooking technique around the world. Unlike cafes, it doesn’t have a significant history. Even though its first form was found in a late 18th century, the current form was developed in the late 19th century. The method evolved a lot and reached what seems to be the best ever. Sous vide is a long and hard cooking technique. It takes a whole lot more time to cook than other techniques. This cooking technique is actually unparalleled. There is no other way to cook food perfectly from end to end every time. This is why chefs around the world love to use this. This love is what made it famous. If your food was perfectly cooked every time you ate from someplace you will tell about it to a friend right?. This was actually what happened. When people began using this technique the result was good and it went on to become famous.

Cafes are known places to relax. You drink coffee and you relax. Not too much is actually eaten cafes. There are a few food items in cafes. Most certainly not as extensive as a restaurant or a diner. Something that goes with coffee is always on the menu. And food items usually are easily cooked. This is why sous vide is a nowhere perfect method for cafes. Sous vide cooking for cafes is something that was hard to believe until recently. The major problem with sous vide cooking is the time it takes. It is a lot more than your usual cook time. And the expensive equipment mostly made it impossible for cafes to use this technique. So this mostly stayed in high-end restaurants and with the chefs of these restaurants.

Until recently no one really used sous vide in cafes. So what changed? Humans are always hungry for change. They love experimenting. Every change to our culture or anything else for that matter is the result of experimenting. Use of sous vide in cafes started with some high-end cafes, who did not care about the money they spend since they were making more. But the main reason why smaller cafes also started using this technique was completely different. There is one amazing advantage to sous vide cooking, you can cook your meat really early and use it by simply reheating it in the oven. All you need is the best sous vide machine and you’re all set! This is why small cafes also caught on to the trend.